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These are just my thoughts...the surfing pictures were taken at Ocean Beach in December 2002.
Discovering surfing last year has changed my life. I truly enjoy the thrill surfing offers.

Learning how to read waves, pop up on my board, ride a wave with skill, and stay out of the way of others is all part of the surfing learning curve. Surfing etiquette is a process new surfers should learn first although the majority of etiquitte is learned through experience. As in any sport you learn through good and bad experiences. The first tip I can give the beginning surfer is never let go of your board - we are not perfect so when you do accidently let go of your board apologize to the person who is nearest and in danger. If karma is on your side, you did not put anyone in danger! A simple head nod or smile (like I did'nt mean that) is always helpful. Never paddle out behind someone or where the waves are breaking. Chances are the person you see in front of you will be coming towards you on a wave, think logically. Remember surfers are people, they tend to have a slight vibe to them but you know deep down they have the same tears and fears (fear is something to be discussed later).You can share waves with other surfers but make sure the other person on the wave has acknowledged you in some way.
Better yet, find a friend and try to share a wave. Remember everyone was a beginner at some point, that vibe I expressed earlier is something surfers tend to acquire over a period of time. It is kind of a cocky, I am cool vibe but you can still smile and be nice to eachother. Try it, heck you are in the ocean - an enormous wonderland - you should be in a state of mind where everything is good!
Taken December 2002 when we had a big day...

Can you spot the person trying to get out?

The more you watch the waves break the better the understanding. From a beginner's perspective the waves above are huge...when determining whether to go out or not look at the way the waves are breaking, look at how much white water you see, and always watch others and how they go out...

More later...check this site out, it gives you helpful hints and you can even pick up a lesson or two.

All rights reserved. Copyright © 2002 by M.O'Brien